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A prerequisite for a representative dust measurement is a measurement planning adapted to the measurement task.

If you need support in this, you can count on us. We refer to worldwide standards for the measurement planning. In order to be able to carry out the measurement planning, a detailed knowledge of the desired measurement location is necessary (inlet and outlet sections, channel cross-section, etc.). Remuneration is based on time and effort at the rate of 100€/h.

Pre- and postprocessing

Pre- and postprocessing includes loading the filter heads with filter paper based on the ordered number of measuring points.

To be on the safe side, we will prepare 2 more filter heads than ordered. The filter heads will be equilibrated and weighed in advance, and data will be recorded in a database for the final measurement report. The filter heads are then packed airtight and are well protected in the filter case ready for shipment.

After returning the instrument and the sampled filter heads, the filter heads are first equilibrated and then weighed. The difference between sampled and unsampled filters gives the dust mass. Based on the measurement parameters during the dust measurement, the dust concentration can be determined and entered in the measurement report. This is sent to the customer after a plausibility check. Afterwards, the GRAVIBLUE measurement system will be undertaken decontamination and maintenance. During maintenance, each sensor is checked for functionality and accuracy and calibrated if necessary. Afterwards, the device is available again for a new rental.

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