GRAVIBLUE measuring system

How it works


The GRAVIBLUE measuring system consists of:

A sampling tube with the filter head probe and optional 2-fold extension

A measuring device rack with 12" touch display for controlling the device and an USB interface for data storage

A filter suitcase with screw-on filter heads

Screw-in mounting bracket for 3 inch flanges


The instrument is designed for use in industrial environments and conforms to the german guideline VDI 2066 / Part 1 " Particulate matter measurement -  Dust measurement in flowing gases - Gravimetric determination of dust load" as well as the European standard DIN EN 13284-1 "Stationary source emissions - Determination of low range mass concentration of dust - Part 1: Manual gravimetric method".


The measurement principle can be split in two lines of action:

  1. velocity / temperature measurement to determine the correct filter head diameter and
  2. isokinetic dust sampling with equipped filter heads on probe

For the first line of action, differential pressure sensors and a thermocouple at the tip of the filter head probe determine the gas velocity and the gas temperature in the stack. Based on this information, the control software calculates the correct filter head diameter and displayed it for each measuring point.

In the second line of action, a frequency controlled vacuum pump sucks out the dust from the stack isokinetically on a certain measuring point. When the pump is on and magnetic valve is open, dust particles were hold back on a filter membrane within the filter head. A defined extracted dust volume or the duration of extraction can be specified by means of software. Both values are based on the expected dust concentration: The lower the dust concentration, the longer the extraction time and vice versa. Examples will be given in the quick start guide.

Technical Data
Dust concentration 2mg/m³ to 2g/m³
Required stack opening min. 80mm
Max. stack temperature 250°C
Relative humidity in stack non-condensing
Gas velocity in stack 4 - 45m/s isokinetic control
Pump Frequency controlled rotary vane pump, working range: 1.45 - 2.3m³/h
Dust collectors Stainless steel with probe head diameters: 4.2; 5.2; 6.4; 8.0; 10 und 11.5mm
Fuse protection 2 × 6A (slow blow)
Operation 12" multi-touch display (16:10) with 1280 × 800px resolution
Interface USB for data storage
Ambient temperature -10°C bis 50°C
Power supply 230V
Power connection Type F (CEE 7/4)
Power consumption approx. 500W
Weight 38kg
Dimensions Rack: 1026 × 420 × 370mm
Filter head probe 1000mm with 5m sampling tube: 7.3kg
Extension 1200mm: 2.5kg
Extension 750mm: 1.5kg
Mounting bracket: 2.0kg
Conformity CE (EMC-DIR 2014/30/EU, Low Voltage DIR 2014/35/EU, ROHS-DIR 2011/65/EU & 2015/863/EU)

Important Notice

Use the GRAVIBLUE system only with 230V. Lower voltages, i.e. 115V will damage the device.

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