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The price includes rental of device, a video-call to clarify the measurement task as well as the pre- and postprocessing (see Service).

Rental period Prices in € excluding VAT*
3 days 2500
4 days 2800
5 days 3100
6 days 3400
7 days 3700
8 days 3900
9 days 4100
10 days 4300
11 days 4500
12 days 4700
13 days 4900
14 days 5000

Rental conditions

  • The prices are net prices and are directed exclusively to commercial customers.
  • The prices are calculated for a maximum of 10 measuring points = prepared filter heads. Each additional filter head (up to a maximum of 20) costs 50€ extra. For each rental period a deposit of 5000€ will be charged.
  • The price for shipping of the GRAVIBLUE measurment system to the customer and return to GRAVIMESS depends on the country of the customer and is therefore not included. GRAVIMESS is responsible for selecting the forwarder and the costs for shipping and return shipping will be invoiced separately before the device is shipped.
  • Also not included in the price is a detailed measurement planning. This can be extra booked for 100€/h (see Service).

The prices are calculated on a day basis. 3 days is the minimum rental period. A rental period of more than 14 days is on request. The rental time starts, when the forwarder company hands out the measurement system to the customer. If the hand out is after 3PM local time, the next day is considered as the start of the rental period. For the return, it is agreed that a return by 12 noon (handover to forwarder) will not be counted as a rental day.

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