Our answers about GRAVIBLUE


As a customer, I have a regulatory requirement to perform once or regularly dust measurements by an accredited measuring body. Can I use the GRAVIBLUE measurement system for that?

Sorry, since GRAVIMESS is not an accredited measuring body, you cannot count on us.

As a customer, I pay for the round-trip transport. How does the selection of the carrier work?

GRAVIMESS selects a reliable carrier from our pool of carriers for your country and ask for a quotation. We will then invoice you for shipping and the equipment rental. When everything is paid, GRAVIMESS makes an appointment with the forwarder to pick up the equipment.

In which countries did you ship the equipment?

In principle, we strive to offer our service in every country of the world, as long as the effort is reasonable and the costs can be estimated. Excluded is the delivery to war and crisis regions.

In case of a malfunction of the device. Can I repair the device by myself, e.g., by use of a technician?

If you register a malfunction, send us an e-mail to and with a detailed description of the failure. On that basis, we decide if you can fix the failure by yourself or send the device back. Faults originating in the part of the electrical installation inaccessible to the customer may not be repaired by the customer himself for safety reasons.

I have lost the measurement report after successful sending by GRAVIMESS. Do I now have to arrange for a new measurement?

The measurement results are stored for another year after transmission by GRAVIMESS for possible queries or repeated transmission and then deleted from the database server.

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